The Hateful Eight

September 4, 2016


"Say adios to your huevos!Happy 2016! This week on THE SCRIPT on our LIVE STORY ANALYSIS PANEL we analyze the 8th film from Quentin Tarantino: The Hateful Eight. Live from Adorama in New York City. Is it a Western, is it a Mystery, is it a Horror? Does it deliver what Tarantino scripts are known for: dialogue, tension, non-linear storytelling? Will Tarantino retire after his 10th film as he claims? What's the story behind Tarantino's writing process for Hateful 8 and it's link to Jango Unchained? And what pray tell is an Overture anyway?! [SPOILER WARNING] [[EXPLICIT]]

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Jordan Rosengarten, David Negrin

NYC Screenwriters Collective