Ep 9: American Hustle - Script to Screen & 2013’s Biggest Flops

January 12, 2014

BULLSHIT-- It's not bullshit, I read it in an article. The following podcast is the true story of two different loosely based true stories told by two storytellers in two different ways but both inspired by one real life event.  Probably.  David and Jeremy analyze the evolution of the film "American Hustle" by David O. Russel from the acclaimed Blacklisted script "American Bullshit" by screenwriter Eric Warren Singer. How does Singer employ and innovate the conventions of the Heist/Con Artist film genre?  What were the positive effects of David O. Russel re-working all the major relationships from the original script?  What were the effects of leaving out so much of the original dialog? And what does every heist film need at the end of the story? THEN-- our dynamic duo of lady script doctors analyze the biggest flops of 2013. Denise and Talaiya run down the checklist of screenwriter mistakes you'll want to avoid to keep your script ending up like "The Big Wedding", "Trance", and "Paranoia," our biggest misses of the year.

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- Read the original script here : "American Bullshit" by Eric Warren Singer.
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- Technical Note: Apologies for some audio issues on this recording, we'll do better next time.

Script Doctors
David Negrin, Jeremy Engdahl-Johnson, Talaiya Safdar, Denise Papas

Producers, The Script
Tawny Foskett, Chris Durham, David Negrin
NYC Screenwriters Collective


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