EP 6: Gravity, Fall Film & TV Preview, The Baron’s Mailbag

October 4, 2013

DON'T LET GO!  In Episode 6, our script doctors analyze Alfonso Cuarón's script for "Gravity", we get a Fall Film & TV Preview from the NYCSC Staff, and The Baron goes through his 'mail bag' and responds to letters from 'fans'. How does Cuarón manage to surprise us in the Space Disaster genre we've seen so many times before? For his first film in 7 years, can Alfonso resist his history of cinematographic acrobatics and focus on good story? What are the best independent films and new television series opening in the next month or so (courtesy of the NYCSC Staff)? Also, the Baron gives some career advice to aspiring students-- hide your kids, hide your wife.

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Script Doctors
David Negrin, Christopher Theokas, Patrick Penta, Paul Epstein, Tawny Foskett, Victoria Augustine

Producers, The Script
Tawny Foskett, Chris Durham, David Negrin
NYC Screenwriters Collective