August 1, 2017


"I'd rather fight waves than dive-bombers."

I'm your host David Negrin, joining me is Jeremy Engdahl-Johnson and Tonight… a story analysis of Dunkirk. Written and Directed by Christopher Nolan.

Nolan's Oeuvre YEAR / BUDGET / U.S. GROSS

  • Dunkirk 2017 $100MM $50MM
  • Interstellar 2014 $165MM $188MM
  • The Dark Knight Rises 2012 $250MM $448MM
  • Inception 2010 $160MM $293MM
  • The Dark Knight 2008 $185MM $533MM
  • The Prestige 2006 $40MM $53MM
  • Batman Begins 2005 $150MM $205MM
  • Insomnia 2002 $46MM $67MM
  • Memento 2000 $9MM $26MM
  • Following 1998 $6K $43K

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