The Script

Dr. Strange

December 19, 2016
"You should really read the warnings first, the warnings come after the spells."
This is The Script! The podcast for screenwriters by screenwriters, the deepest story analysis anywhere on the internet, at the Script we believe STORY MOVES PAGES, STORY MOVES PRODUCT, and STORY MOVES PEOPLE.
I'm your host David Negrin, joining me is Alka Khushalani and Alec Pollak and Tonight… we analyze the latest character introduction in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: DR. STRANGE Starring… Blueberry Cumberbun… Bolshoi Camaraderie... Big Banana Habitat...
The Artists
DIRECTOR: Scott Derrickson - Sinister (2012) The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) and The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)  :(
WRITERS: Jon Spaihts | Scott Derrickson — Jon Spaihts - Prometheus, Black List scripts Passengers and Shadow 19
PRODUCER: Kevin Feige

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