Crimson Peak

September 4, 2016


"It's not sad, Edith. It's nature. It's a world of everything dying and eating each other right beneath our feet."  This week on THE SCRIPT we continue our Halloween Horror Series with Guillermo Del Toro's gothic romance,"Crimson Peak." Is the titular Peak bleeding literally or metaphorically? What does the genre of Gothic Romance entail? What does Crimson Peak have in common with Matthew Robin's previous screenplay for Don't Be Afraid of the Dark? At what point in a film does the audience make a contract with the storyteller? And what does that contract entail from both parties? Should the producers have just entitled this film Guillermo Del Toro's Jane Eyre? Mia wasikowska does deserve two paychecks however two great performances of the same role.  #Halloween #horror #bloodydisgusting 

SCRIPT ANALYSTSKristina Leath-MalinAlka KhushalaniJared Goodman, and David Negrin

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