Contracted & Contracted: Phase II

September 4, 2016


"Does that feel okay? It kind of tingles. It's tingling?" - This week on THE SCRIPT we start our Halloween Horror series with the IFC Midnight franchise Contracted & Contracted: Phase II. What are the opportunities and obligations when sequelizing a successful horror concept? What defines "body horror" as a sub-genre? How does the Contracted franchise fair against its Sexually Transmitted cousin "It Follows" (Previously reviewed HERE on The Script). The Script Halloween Horror Series is for all you bloody disgusting freaks. P.S. We're starting a new band called "Debbie and The Rash."  #KYMggots #Halloween #horror #bloodydisgusting

SCRIPT ANALYSTSKristina Leath-MalinAlka KhushalaniMarc Masciandaro, and David Negrin

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Jordan Rosengarten, David Negrin

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