BSE : Sharknado

July 27, 2013

SHARK ATTACK-- You asked for it!  You wanted more Shark meets Disaster based script analysis! You're in luck, because the NYCSC has Sharknado fever. This week on The Script - Beat Sheet Edition our 3 script doctors analyze SHARKNADO bite for bite! (uh... beat).  And we love this script!

A horny bartender with a past and a shotgun, an ex-surfer superdad with a hero complex, a gang of bad fish jokes and B movies actors, one Mexican hurricane, three tornadoes, and a thousand hungry, deadly, very resourceful sharks!  What are the Rules of Shark in this universe? How does a "conceit" enable the suspension of disbelief? How does Sharknado blend the Monster, Disaster, Action, and Road Drama genres so successfully? And witness the best Blake Snyder 3rd Act "Storming the Castle" we've seen all summer-- coming from a TV movie!

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Script Doctors
David Negrin, Chris Durham, Jeremy Engdahl-Johnson

Producers, The Script
Tawny Foskett, Chris Durham, David Negrin
NYC Screenwriters Collective