My Cinema Life: Sam Shepard Tribute

August 9, 2017


MY CINEMA LIFE is a new short documentary series from the creators of The Script Podcast produced by David Negrin & Zoe Alexander, Written & Hosted by Michael De Luca.

(1943 – 2017) SAM SHEPARD


Tracking Board Preview: July 2017

August 9, 2017
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July 2017: Script Sales, Hot Spec Screenplays, Hollywood Gossip.
Tracking Board Czar Mike De Luca is back with his monthly Tracking Board Preview! This is no advert. Once again Mike has mined the tracking boards so we don't have to and bringing us industry insider updates on big script sales and the spec screenplays hitting the town. Letting us know the script concepts, genres, and budgets that Hollywood is buying right now. 


August 1, 2017


"I'd rather fight waves than dive-bombers."

I'm your host David Negrin, joining me is Jeremy Engdahl-Johnson and Tonight… a story analysis of Dunkirk. Written and Directed by Christopher Nolan.

Nolan's Oeuvre YEAR / BUDGET / U.S. GROSS

  • Dunkirk 2017 $100MM $50MM
  • Interstellar 2014 $165MM $188MM
  • The Dark Knight Rises 2012 $250MM $448MM
  • Inception 2010 $160MM $293MM
  • The Dark Knight 2008 $185MM $533MM
  • The Prestige 2006 $40MM $53MM
  • Batman Begins 2005 $150MM $205MM
  • Insomnia 2002 $46MM $67MM
  • Memento 2000 $9MM $26MM
  • Following 1998 $6K $43K

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