Goodnight Mommy

September 4, 2016


"She won't be able to tell us apart."  This week on THE SCRIPT we continue our Halloween Horror Series with the twisted and creepy Austrian horror film "Goodnight Mommy." Could this be the first horror film that thematically addresses the plight of the working mother? How do you handle ambiguity without confusion, how do you keep a script complex without it getting complicated? We deconstruct the duality mind game of this intricately woven and horrible tale and remind you what Checkov said: if you bring a jar of Madagascar hissing cockroaches on to the stage, then someone has to eat one. #reconstructivesurgery #Madagascar hissing cockroaches  #Halloween #horror #bloodydisgusting 

SCRIPT ANALYSTSKristina Leath-MalinAlka Khushalani, and David Negrin

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Jordan Rosengarten, David Negrin

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