EP 5: Only God Forgives, “Midpoints”, The Baron vs. Tina Fey, TV Genres

July 20, 2013

In Episode 5, our script doctors analyze Nicholas Winding Refn's
script for "Only God Forgives", we get a monthly Spec Script Update from our Tracking-Board Czar, we demystify the screenplay's structural "Midpoint" with the boys from the Beat Sheet Edition, somehow The Baron scores an interview with Tina Fey to offer her career advice, and our TV experts discuss TV Writing Basics: format, genre, and putting the term "dramedy" to death.

How does the script for Only God Forgives get us rooting for both the protagonist and antagonist while exploring the complex inner psyche of violent men? (hint: Thai Pop music)  What do the mid-act reversals of Man of Steel, Star Trek Into Darkness, and The Wizard of Oz have in common? (hint: Listen to the BSEs). What is the best career advice The Baron bestows on Tina Fey? (hint: Hero's Journey + Mean Girls = Blockbuster). And why if you call your feature film a "Dramedy" I will have you beaten from this fort!

Read the script for "Only God Forgives" at NYC Screenwriters Collective. Fan mail, hate mail, comments, questions, or proclamations can be sent to ScriptFeed@gmail.com

Script Doctors
David Negrin

Mike De Luca
Chris Durham
The Baron
Patrick Penta
Christopher Theokas