EP 4: World War Z, After Midnight, & The Bling Ring

June 21, 2013

Our script doctors analyze the Michael Carnahan draft of "World War Z" and an early draft of "The Bling Ring" by Sofia Coppola (both available on our web site). The Baron reviews an indie horror called "After Midnight", and we get a monthly Spec Script Update from our Tracking-Board Czar

We discuss how the World War Zombies made Napoleon's same winter weather blunder, the multiple levels of vacuousness Coppola paints in her tapestry of Los Angeles, and we get one thing straight-- there is nothing scarey about Julie Delpy in the nude.

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Script Doctors
David Negrin

Jeremy Engdahl-Johnson
The Baron
Mike De Luca
Christopher Theokas
Denise Papas
Chris Durham