Ep 10: HER, Frances Ha, “Women Where Art Thou?”

February 2, 2014

"We are only here briefly, and in this moment I want to allow myself joy."  -- This week on THE SCRIPT, the Collective's organizer David Negrin and its spec script Czar Mike De Luca analyze "Her," the beautiful, innovative romance from the imagination of Spike Jonze.  Also Talaiya Safdar and Denise Papas focus their newly branded Between The Sheets with Talaiya & Denise segment on the theme "Woman Where Art Thou? The current state of female characters in screenwriting."  Mike also gives us a Tracking-Board update on the latest spec script buzz and sales this winter. Then from the Baron's Corner, a review of "Frances Ha," a thoughtful meditation on a notion not completely unfamiliar to the Baron, that of being 'undateable.'

How does Spike Jonze's meticulous, unwinding narrative neutralize the disadvantage of Her's female romantic lead never appearing on screen? How does the film's futurism and Neo-1930's aesthetic elevate a story that uses all the classic conventions of a romance but manage to re-invent them for our time?  Also, who are the 3 HERs? Next Denise and Talaiya deal out an empirical smack down on how under-represented, under-written female characters in scripts are both financially foolish and just plain bull shit. Listen and learn precisely how female characters who pass the Bechdel test make for better scripts and better box office receipts.  Lastly, the Baron gently strokes the narrative of "Frances Ha" with a wonderful review-- as close to Greta Gerwig as he's ever gonna get.

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