Ep 8: Catching Fire, Reaching for the Moon, Dysfunctional Family Holiday Flicks

December 11, 2013

CHINS UP, SMILES ON! It's time for our quixotic quorum on the quarter quell. This week on the The Script, the founders of the Collective try to shoot arrows at Catching Fire, our armchair psychologist script doctors analyze dysfunctional family holiday flicks with deviant structures, we get a Tracking-Board update on all the buzz and spec sales this fall, and a great review of a new indie from Brazilian auteur Bruno Barreto, "Reaching For The Moon" by Tawny herself-- as The Baron was tied up for the moment.

How do the stakes in the 3rd Act of Catching Fire compare to the original Hunger Games finale? Can Katniss replicate the strength and dramatic depth of Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's Bone? Aren't you glad you're not spending your Holidays with the Royal Tenenbaums? Why "Reaching for the Moon" is the must see lesbian romance alternative to that Blue movie. And no Baron, you cannot have another cookie-- eat your rodent porridge, wrap up your shackles, and back to the dungeon for you.

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Script Doctors
David Negrin, Yamil Lopera, Talaiya Safdar, Denise Papas, Tawny Foskett

Producers, The Script
Tawny Foskett, Chris Durham, David Negrin
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