BSE : Sharknado

July 27, 2013

SHARK ATTACK-- You asked for it!  You wanted more Shark meets Disaster based script analysis! You're in luck, because the NYCSC has Sharknado fever. This week on The Script - Beat Sheet Edition our 3 script doctors analyze SHARKNADO bite for bite! (uh... beat).  And we love this script!

A horny bartender with a past and a shotgun, an ex-surfer superdad with a hero complex, a gang of bad fish jokes and B movies actors, one Mexican hurricane, three tornadoes, and a thousand hungry, deadly, very resourceful sharks!  What are the Rules of Shark in this universe? How does a "conceit" enable the suspension of disbelief? How does Sharknado blend the Monster, Disaster, Action, and Road Drama genres so successfully? And witness the best Blake Snyder 3rd Act "Storming the Castle" we've seen all summer-- coming from a TV movie!

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Script Doctors
David Negrin, Chris Durham, Jeremy Engdahl-Johnson

Producers, The Script
Tawny Foskett, Chris Durham, David Negrin
NYC Screenwriters Collective


EP 5: Only God Forgives, “Midpoints”, The Baron vs. Tina Fey, TV Genres

July 20, 2013

In Episode 5, our script doctors analyze Nicholas Winding Refn's
script for "Only God Forgives", we get a monthly Spec Script Update from our Tracking-Board Czar, we demystify the screenplay's structural "Midpoint" with the boys from the Beat Sheet Edition, somehow The Baron scores an interview with Tina Fey to offer her career advice, and our TV experts discuss TV Writing Basics: format, genre, and putting the term "dramedy" to death.

How does the script for Only God Forgives get us rooting for both the protagonist and antagonist while exploring the complex inner psyche of violent men? (hint: Thai Pop music)  What do the mid-act reversals of Man of Steel, Star Trek Into Darkness, and The Wizard of Oz have in common? (hint: Listen to the BSEs). What is the best career advice The Baron bestows on Tina Fey? (hint: Hero's Journey + Mean Girls = Blockbuster). And why if you call your feature film a "Dramedy" I will have you beaten from this fort!

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Script Doctors
David Negrin

Mike De Luca
Chris Durham
The Baron
Patrick Penta
Christopher Theokas


BSE : White House Down vs. Olympus Has Fallen

July 13, 2013

This week on The Script - Beat Sheet Edition, script doctors David Negrin and Chris Durham compare "White House Down" and "Olympus Has Fallen" beat for beat - Directed by Roland Emmerich and Antoine Fuqua, Screenplays by James Vanderbilt and Creighton Rothenberger & Katrin Benedikt. Two films, same premise, which executes it better? Is Agent StepUP's A-Story confused? Does Agent Leonidas cross into unheroic torture territory? Why White House Down is more "The Rock" and Olympus Has Fallen is more "Die Hard", and does destroying the Capitol Buildling or the Washington Monument pull more patriotic heartstrings? Read David & Chris' Combined Beat Sheet Breakdown for both films on our website.You can send fan mail, hate mail, comments, questions, proclamations to [Spoilers]